A couple years ago, I decided that I needed a change.  It’s not that I didn’t garner accolades as a graphic designer and web specialist, but I had that feeling that we all get when we’re stuck in a rut.  So in 2012 I made a bold decision and decided to uproot myself from Vancouver and move to a different country with nothing but a desire for a new path in life.  I was secretly hoping to find a something that would “fill my creative soul” but honestly, I really wasn’t gonna be picky.  I did know that I had talents, skills and perseverance, so I gambled that I could use those traits to land on my feet somehow.

Just before I boarded the plane, I created this infographic and send it to all my friends, family and anyone I think that could help me along the way.  If you have followed my story as a sports illustrator and graphic artist, it’s neat to look back now and see the fruits of my endeavor.