I’m not going to pretend I’m a baseball expert. But I do watch and observe a lot of the game all year and of you follow me on Twitter, you know I have a lot of comments throughout the season !  So since I can’t be shut up, I’ll speak up.

(in no particular order)

BLUE JAYS – David Price won’t be back.  Great to have him and he probably loved the experience of playing in Canada.  But really, the Jays were on an epic run, and who doesn’t have fun playing 0.750+ baseball?  I think the Yankees will be hard to turn down since they are easily as good, still in the AL East and not on foreign soil. #ByeDavid

LA DODGERS – As we all now know, a great bullpen is the in-vogue formula for winning post-season games (molded by the Royals).  And the Dodgers gots none.  It’s two years in a row that a weak bullpen cost the Dodgers any postseason success.  We’re going to start seeing larger money go to bullpen specialists, and the mid-low rotation starters start moving to become elite 7th and 8th inning guys.  #ByeMattingly

CUBS – My Cubs!  Everyone knows I’m a Cubs/Blue Jays fan so that last half of the year was better then a cheerleader sandwich!  Guys, I’m sold that Joe Maddon is the greatest manager in baseball history.  #ByeCurse

REDS – I’ve now been to two All-Star games and both times the team was at the bottom of the league.  I’m looking at you Padres!  All i have to say is JUMBO DIAZ! So glad I got to watch you pitch.  Worth the price of admission.  The dude was 350 pounds!  He’s a waify 280 now, but his story and his fastball may have made Chapman expendable.  #ByeAroldis

REDS AGAIN – And with Aroldis Chapman will need to become a better pitcher and stop replying on his heat., Ya konw, Max Scherzer used to throw 104, but learned to pitch, and really only leans back when he has to.   Maybe a new team is what he needs.  #ByeAroldisAgain

YANKEES – #FORG1V3 Have we?  Looks like it.  I bet Roger Clemens is just a little jealous.  The sports community is quick to forgive many a transgressions, so long as you produce between the lines.  Trust me, if Tiger Woods kept winning Majors, most people would really forgive and forget.  ARod needs to puts up one more of those years, he will no longer be extremely hated, and he’ll be downgraded to very hated. Though HOF is never gonna happen.  #ByeArod (oh wait he went and came back)

MARINERS – Poor Felix. Would you rather be king of a small kingdom or a knight in a big kingdom?  So much high hope this season but all is not lost.  Behind the bats of Cano and Cruz, it wouldn’t take them long to create a KC model of baseball.  NL baseball in an AL park.  A strong bullpen and some professional hitters would be perfect in that ballpark.  Better do it soon before Hernandez hits the open market #ByeMcClendon

PIRATES – I have no real cultural connection to being Korean, but I kinda was cheering for Kang all year.  Totally worth it!  He must have had to be some Lost in Translation moments at the beginning of the year which would explain the slow start.  I think there was probably some distrust from Huddle, not because of his race, but because of the unknown.  Plus the injury didn’t help.  Hope he has another great year.  #HiKang

CUBS – Oh and hey, get rid of those gawdy signs out front.  As a ballpark fan, those huge signs really need to go.  Every new stadium and ballpark across the country is trying to be more retro and you’re going in the opposite direction!   #ByeUglySigns

(Right now, I really wish there was a ballplayer named Felicia… )

ROYALS – Basically, what we are witnessing is what would have happened last year if MadBum never existed.  Listen up!  Hosmer, Moustakas, Escobar, Perez and Cain are mediocre hitters.  Vargas, Ventura and Volquez are mediocre starters.  But together, with a great bullpen and a city that loves them, they are great.  Hat off to your season! #ByeCueto

GIANTS – It’s an odd numbered year, so thanks for letting someone else win it. #ByeLincecum

MARLINS – Ichiro is 43 hits away from passing Pete Rose for the most career professional hits.  Please make this happen.

TWINS – I saw Sano in a three game series, and that dude can hit.  Get on the SanoWagon! #ByeGardenhire

METS – Breaking news:  RA Dickey and Josh Thole gets traded back to the Mets for Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud. (Hey! Leave me in my delusional fantasy world please) #ByePreston

OK that’s it for now.  Leave your comments below.  Make sure you tell me how wrong I am.  If you want more, I’ll be happy to share more of my un-professional thoughts!