This is my third FanFest, and as always, I’m super thankful and humbled by the response from all the fans.   Unlike previous All-Star Games (in Minnesota and Cincinnati) the fans I met were a very diverse group.  There were fans from teams all across the country more than normal.  I learned that most of the fanbase are from the military and either are still serving or decided to stay and settle down in San Diego.  And so many have just migrated to this amazing city.  And no surprise, there was also a LOT of Dodgers and Angels fans that made the trek.  I was glad that many of my friends that I have met in my baseball travels were able to finally see all my art in once place!  A little bit of a surprise is the number of Giants fans that were represented!  Should have printed a way ton more Lou Seals and AT&T Parks.

This year was also the first time I was able to exhibit my minimalist mascot series.  Most of you know the struggles I had to make this a reality, but the proof was going to be right here if my vision would work.  It worked.  Really worked.


I never imagined that the mascots would all come to see me and support me – both in and out of costume.  They all thanked me and spoke so highly of my work.  You see, nobody does art of the mascots.  There’s players, and stadiums and logos, but never the mascots.  And mascots are truly the recognizable member of any team.  And that’s what I realized, and I loved the idea that I created something new!  Since I started the mascots, I’ve had mascots from all the other sports contact me, asking for their artwork.  I’ve had so many fans reach out to me with their stories of how the mascots has enriched their lives.  Heck you can waste hours just watching the antics of Phillie Phanatic and Orbit.

So to all the baseball mascots, thank you for supporting my art.  And to everyone who came to FanFest and took part of their time to talk with me and appreciate my art, thank you!  I hope you walked away from my booth with a new appreciation for baseball and art.


And for those that asked me about the “Love and Baseball” giveaway,… here’s Erika and her story.

2016-07-08 13.32.34

My Disney baseball partner in crime doesn’t happy to be a father/daughter or a husband/wife story, it’s actually a mother and son bond that I have with my 7 year old son.  As a single mother I have had to play both a mother and father role for my son so that he can fill that space of his father not being in the picture (at least I try). That is one of the biggest reasons we became season ticket holders for the SD Padres two years ago and we have loved every moment of it.  This has been my “father” and son bonding time that I dedicate to my son.  We are huge Disney lovers as well and since he says I am his princess a Disney baseball princess would be something symbolic that can describe the relationship that my son and I share both for the love of the game and the love that we have for each other and Disney.  Disney is a huge part of our lives being that both of my sisters work for Disney and are obsessed. Attending baseball games and incorporating something that we love just like baseball is something that we would love to have.  I think a baseball Disney princess is a representation of both my son and I.  – Erika