Remember the those color swatch prints I created earlier this year?  I’ve done a lot of work with the MLB on trying to get them licensed and released but I hit some hurdles and I’ll need you help!

I was told that I require an MLBPA license to publish this artwork for any current players, and for any retired player, I need to individually negotiate a license agreement with each person.  That’s way too much work and time for this guy.  After pouting for hours (actually days) (actually weeks) (in fact it was months), I decided to drop the player names from the design and use descriptions that don’t require licensing.  For example… For the Minnesota Twins, I will use Baggy Blue.  Or for the Red Sox, I’ll use Yawkey Red.   You get the drift!  I’m picking words that are synonymous with the team.  Since collectively, you know your team better than me, I need suggestions!  Choose one color.  Choose a team.  Choose all the teams.  Send in your submissions what you think is the best color description!

What the heck… for every submission you make you’ll be entered into a draw for any 11×17 poster in my collection.  That means 60 color name suggestions means 60 suggestions.  Please write your suggestions in the comments below or email me a list at  Here’s the list of teams and colors I’m looking for:

Arizona Diamondbacks
________ Red       _______ Sand

Atlanta Braves
________ Navy       _______ Blue

Baltimore Orioles
________ Black       _______ Orange

Boston Red Sox
________ Red       _______ Navy

Chicago Cubs
________ Red       _______ Blue

Cincinnati Reds
________ Red       _______ Black

Cleveland Indians
________ Red       _______ Navy

Colorado Rockies
________ Black       _______ Purple

Chicago White Sox
________ Black       _______ Silver

Detroit Tigers
________ Navy       _______ Orange

Kansas City Royals
________ Blue       _______ Gold

Los Angeles Angels
________ Red       _______ Dark Red

Houston Astros
________ Blue       _______ Orange

Los Angeles Dodgers
________ Blue       _______ red

Miami Marlins
________ Orange       _______ Blue

Milwaukee Brewers
________ Blue       _______ Gold

Minnesota Twins
________ Red       _______ Blue

New York Mets
________ Blue       _______ Orange

New York Yankees
________ Blue       _______ Gray

Philadelphia Phillies
________ Red       _______ Blue

Pittsburgh Pirates
________ Black       _______ Gold

Oakland Athletics
________ Red       _______ Gold

St. Louis Cardinals
________ Red       _______ Yellow

Seattle Mariners
________ Blue       _______ Green

San Diego Padres
________ Blue       _______ Gold

San Francisco Giants
________ Orange       _______ Black

Tampa Bay Rays
________ Blue       _______ Light Blue

Texas Rangers
________ Blue       _______ Red

Toronto Blue Jays
________ Blue       _______ Navy

Washington Nationals
________ Red       _______ Blue

*** Optional **** send submissions for your favorite College NBA, NHL or NFL team too.  (These will not count as submission entries but would be cool to know your ideas)

REMEMBER!  No player names (or nicknames).