Vin Scully is retiring.

Yes, it’s the statement we know was coming, but it’s hard to accept.  In sports, we talk about legends and icons and we use those labels sparingly.  These titles are reserved for those that display longevity, consistency and play the game honorably.  We appreciate people in sports that stay with their team for their entire career and with the play on and off the field, they represent a better side.

Vin Scully is is a legend and an icon.

Scully has been the voice of the Dodgers for longer than most of us have been alive. He started his Dodgers broadcast career in Ebbets Field when the Dodgers were still the Brooklyn Dodgers. So his voice has been the Dodgers bridge between Jackie Robinson to Clayton Kershaw.  His voice is the witness of:

6 Dodgers World Series
9 Dodger MVP awards
12 Dodger Cy Youngs

We salute your career, Vin.  Thank you for making baseball great.

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