Giving has always been part of me.  And so the #BallparkPrincess project has grown into a way to reach out, share our mutual love for baseball and our mutual love for one another.  I give away a lot of art, publicly on social media and privately to people I meet along my sports journey.  I wanted to highlight this one giveaway that I did last week which was unique.

Meet Sienna.

Sienna is a 12-year old from Seattle and she just found out that her leukemia has relapsed and will have to go through cancer treatment for a second time.  Before she starts her medical fight again, the folks at Baseball and Bubblegum, a private “Make a Wish” organization, arranged for Sienna to do her two favorite things… baseball and Disney.  They started the trip on the field at Safeco, and moved the vacation to Anaheim where they spend a couple days in Disneyland.  Kelly, the wish organizer reached out to me for a commission to commemorate her experience.  It was a moved by her story and instead of a commission fee, I agreed to draw this piece for her so long as I can meet Sienna at Disneyland and present the art in person.

I have to say, I almost get more joy from giving my art then the person receiving it.  It fills my heart knowing that someone else’s life has been impacted, even in a little way, with my artwork.

Sienna is now back in Seattle, and back to fighting for her life.

If you want to follow Sienna on her journey you can catch her on facebook or twitter.  Feel free to leave her a good luck wish!

To find out more about Baseball and Bubblegum you can contact Kelly and Logan on instagram and twitter.