I was just processing the tragic death of Jose Fernandez, and the emotional roller coaster of the Dodgers game (walk off HR to win the NL East and the final home game of Vin Scully).  Then I get the news of the death of the legendary golfer Arnold Palmer.  I’m not a big golf fan, but there are some names of athletes that transcends their game and into the common lexicon.  I don’t think anyone wouldn’t recognize the name, and know his connection to the game of golf.  I created this illustration of the great golfer, to homage the mocktail that we all know named after him.  There’s many stories on how that name was invented, but I think we can agree we can raise this glass to the great athlete.
Limited Edition prints are available and all net proceeds will be donated to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation.


arnold palmer tribute illustration by S. Preston