Outline Ballparks



As a minimalist artist, I tend to look at ballparks differently.

One of my favorite parts of baseball is the ballparks.  More than any other sports, each team’s home stadium is unique and becomes that fans “home away from home”.  In my travels in baseball, I remember a discussions about ballparks with a fan and something that stuck with me was the idea that no ballpark is the same dimensions.  How many sports can you say that?  We don’t spend a second thinking how much of an advantage that has for the home team.

So early this year I illustrated 30 minimalist ballpark illustrations which highlights the diversity in these venues. Typical with my artwork, there are no words needed.  If you know your ballpark, you know your ballpark – just by the shape of the stadium.  All 30 ballpark are dimensionally correct and if you stacked all these images on top of each other, each base will line up perfectly.  The white outline represents the outer wall of each ballpark.  Minimalism is about less is more.  As you scroll through all these ballparks, you start noticing some of the famous features of the various stadiums – McCovey’s Cove in San Francisco, the short porch in the Bronx, the green monster in Boston and the foul ground in Oakland.

Each of these illustrations are officially licensed artwork by Major League Baseball.

Open Edition Art Posters will be available for a limited time on my website.