Minimalist Ballpark Sketch series

30 Minimalist Ballpark Sketches in 30 Days

As a minimalist artist, I tend to look at ballparks differently.

So, earlier this year, I challenged myself to draw 30 minimalist ballpark illustrations of all 30 MLB ballparks in 30 days.  I’ve had a lot of ideas over the years as I travel from stadium to stadium but not all of them translate well to my digital artwork.  So I decided to use the good old pen and paper and sketch a feature from each ballpark that I thought was unique to each baseball stadium.

Each of these illustrations are officially licensed artwork by Major League Baseball.

Original Artwork will be sold on auction at starting June 5th.
–  We will launch an auction for one ballpark sketch each day for 30 days.
–  Each auction will last 7 days and the opening bid will be $1.

Limited Edition Art Prints will be limited to 42 prints and are available on my website.



Its here, and it’s spectacular!  Opening Day for the baseball season is one of the most magical days.  For me it has a lot to do with the withdrawal but also has to do with the hope of making a magical playoff run, or having my team be better than expected.

Once again, I will be having a city by city sale, and this year, there is no restriction.  You can order any product on my website that day for 20% off.  This include posters, prints, watches and everything!.  Each day I will offer a new coupon code for each baseball city or state.  Any artwork I have for that city or state will have the discount, including other sport stadiums.

So without further adooooo! Mark it in your calendars!  Here’s the city sale schedule:

4/4 – Texas – CODE: TEXASPITCH
4/6 – Bay Area – CODE: BAYPITCH
4/7 – Detroit – CODE: TIGERSPITCH
4/8 – Kansas City – CODE: KCPITCH
4/9 – Cleveland – CODE: THELANDPITCH
4/10 – Minnesota – CODE: TWINSPITCH
4/11 – Chicago – CODE: CHITOWNPITCH
4/12 – New York – CODE: NYPITCH
4/13 – Toronto – CODE: TOPITCH
4/14 – Boston – CODE: BOSOXPITCH
4/15 – Florida – CODE: FLORDIAPITCH
4/16 – Baltimore – CODE: BIRDLANDPITCH
4/17 – Denver – CODE: ROCKIESPITCH
4/18 – San Diego – CODE: PADRESPITCH
4/19 – Phoenix – CODE: DBACKSPITCH
4/20 – Milwaukee/Wis – CODE: BREWCREWPITCH
4/21 – St. Louis – CODE: CARDSPITCH
4/22 – Cincinnati – CODE: REDSPITCH
4/23 – Pittsburgh – CODE: BUCSPITCH
4/24 – Atlanta/Ga – CODE: BRAVESPITCH
4/25 – Washington,DC – CODE: DCPITCH
4/26 – Philadelphia – CODE: PHILLYPITCH

Tribute Art to Arnold Palmer

Tribute Art to Arnold Palmer

I was just processing the tragic death of Jose Fernandez, and the emotional roller coaster of the Dodgers game (walk off HR to win the NL East and the final home game of Vin Scully).  Then I get the news of the death of the legendary golfer Arnold Palmer.  I’m not a big golf fan, but there are some names of athletes that transcends their game and into the common lexicon.  I don’t think anyone wouldn’t recognize the name, and know his connection to the game of golf.  I created this illustration of the great golfer, to homage the mocktail that we all know named after him.  There’s many stories on how that name was invented, but I think we can agree we can raise this glass to the great athlete.
Limited Edition prints are available and all net proceeds will be donated to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation.


arnold palmer tribute illustration by S. Preston

Marlins Ace Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident

Marlins Ace Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident

Like many of you, I woke up this morning with the news that the Marlins pitching ace, Jose Fernandez tragically died in a boating accident last night.  I’m not using the label “ace” lightly here.  Fernandez was a bright star with not only filthy and devastating pitches, but the ability to use his stuff to shut down other teams consistently.  At the age of 24, he was on a sure path to be one of the greats.  Keep in mind, he was a Cuban defector.  He snuck out of Cuba on a boat to Mexico, and hid from the law to make his way to America.

I spent some time today to make a tribute to this all star who’s life was much too short.

RIP Jose Fernandez Marlins

If you have any doubt how much Jose Fernandez loved this game check this out.



For The Love Of The Game: Mariners Belle at Disneyland

For The Love Of The Game: Mariners Belle at Disneyland

Giving has always been part of me.  And so the #BallparkPrincess project has grown into a way to reach out, share our mutual love for baseball and our mutual love for one another.  I give away a lot of art, publicly on social media and privately to people I meet along my sports journey.  I wanted to highlight this one giveaway that I did last week which was unique.

Meet Sienna.

Sienna is a 12-year old from Seattle and she just found out that her leukemia has relapsed and will have to go through cancer treatment for a second time.  Before she starts her medical fight again, the folks at Baseball and Bubblegum, a private “Make a Wish” organization, arranged for Sienna to do her two favorite things… baseball and Disney.  They started the trip on the field at Safeco, and moved the vacation to Anaheim where they spend a couple days in Disneyland.  Kelly, the wish organizer reached out to me for a commission to commemorate her experience.  It was a moved by her story and instead of a commission fee, I agreed to draw this piece for her so long as I can meet Sienna at Disneyland and present the art in person.

I have to say, I almost get more joy from giving my art then the person receiving it.  It fills my heart knowing that someone else’s life has been impacted, even in a little way, with my artwork.

Sienna is now back in Seattle, and back to fighting for her life.

If you want to follow Sienna on her journey you can catch her on facebook or twitter.  Feel free to leave her a good luck wish!

To find out more about Baseball and Bubblegum you can contact Kelly and Logan on instagram and twitter.