St. Paul Ball Pigs Collection

St. Paul Ball Pigs Collection

Who knows about the ball pigs in Minnesota?  Anyone?  I know, I didn’t know either.

Every year, the St, Paul Saints hire a pig to bring the baseballs to the umpire between innings. It’s one of their many unique marketing antics that have made this independent baseball club famous used over the years.  The pig they choose starts out as a little piglet and by the end of the season it’s a full-sized hog!  And traditionally, at the beginning of the season, a contest is held for on lucky fans to pick a name for that year’s ball pig.  Normally it’s a witty pun on a current pop culture icon.  That’s kinda cool, right?

The team and I were sitting around during the off-season chatting about art ideas. And though home of the St. Paul Saints, CHS Field in St. Paul, is state-of-the-art and amazing, the ballpark is only 2 years old and doesn’t have the fondness that older ballparks would have.  So in a brilliant a-ha moment (I find most marketing guys have these) they said, “how about the pigs?”.   And so here you go.  From his mouth, to my brain, to my arm (with the help of about 15 Sharpie markers) I present to you illustrated portraits of all 25 ball pigs of the St. Paul Saints!

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Each of these prints are available as 11×17 art posters and limited edition prints here.  And for the first time, Im offering t-shirts and coffee mugs.  Check it out!

Opening Day Sales Event

Opening Day Sales Event

WELCOME TO OPENING DAY 2016! I know you are all excited that the long winter is over and we’re back to baseball games that matter.  To celebrate the joy of baseball I’m running a marathon sales event! Since there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball, I decided take the next 30 days and dedicate one sale to each team.  On that day, all art posters I’ve ever created for that team or city will be on sale for 20% off for 24 hours. Yes, that includes all ballparks, mascots, and college and pro football stadiums. If there’s a design or artwork not on my website, you can request it from me on that day and I’ll do my best to accommodate. In some cases, I will make all the artwork in the state for sale (eg: Lambeau Field, Miller Park and Camp Randall in Wisconsin).  I’ll be starting from the NL East and working my way west, then to the AL East and the same.  So here’s the dates!

4/6 – Atlanta – CODE: GOBRAVESGO
4/7 – New York Mets – CODE: GOMETSGO
4/8 – Washington DC – CODE: GONATSGO
4/9 – Philadelphia – CODE: GOPHILLIESGO
4/10 – Pittsburgh – CODE: GOBUCSGO
4/11 – Chicago Cubs – CODE: GOCUBSGO
4/12 – Milwaukee/Wisconsin – CODE: GOBREWERSGO
4/13 – St. Louis – CODE: GOCARDSGO
4/14 – Cincinnati – CODE: GOREDSGO
4/15 – Los Angeles – CODE: GODODGERSGO
4/16 – Denver/Colorado – CODE: GOROCKIESGO
4/17 – Phoenix/Arizona – CODE: GODBACKSGO
4/19 – San Diego – CODE: GOPADRESGO
4/20 – San Francisco – CODE: GOGIANTSGO
4/21 – Toronto – CODE: GOJAYSGO
4/22 – New York Yankees – CODE: GOYANKSGO
4/23 – Boston – CODE: GOREDSOXGO
4/24 – Tampa Bay – CODE: GORAYSGO
4/25 – Baltimore – CODE: GOORIOLESGO
4/26 – ChiSox – CODE: GOCHISOXGO
4/27 – Kansas City – CODE: GOROYALSGO
4/28 – Detroit – CODE: GOTIGERSGO
4/29 – Minnesota – CODE: GOTWINSGO
4/30 – Cleveland – CODE: GOTRIBEGO
5/1 – Los Angeles – GOANGELSGO
5/2 – Houston – GOASTROSGO
5/3 – Dallas – GORANGERSGO
5/4 – Seattle – GOMARINERSGO
5/5 – Oakland – GOASGO

(Art posters only)

So save the date, and have an amazing 2016 baseball season!

Color Swatch Baseball: Pantone Chips of every MLB team

Color Swatch Baseball: Pantone Chips of every MLB team

You all know that I’m a minimalist artist, so how much more minimalist can this get?  All graphic artists spend ample time working with the numeric values of all colors.  Most of us can rattle off the CMYK, Hex# and RGB values of many different colors.  So for this little project, I decided to break down each Major League Baseball team’s brand into the two main Pantone colors, and create a color swatch poster.  And just for fun, I named each color after some notable landmarks and baseball players of each team. If you want to purchase a print of these pantone posters, please sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of this post to get notified if the release!

Minimalist TC Bear Approved!

Minimalist TC Bear Approved!

Ding!  TC Bear is approved!

Thankfully the team at the MLB Properties put up a fight with me!  Sa after 6 months of “Seriously????”, “But what about…???”, we were able to overcome some of the hurdles of getting my Minimalist Mascots licensed my Major League Baseball.  So thank you MLB and thank you Minnesota Twins for making this happen!  And what great timing too, because I’ll be at TwinsFest in Minneapolis this weekend, and the TC Bear will be on my table and art posters will be ready for you to take home!  So here’s the deal.

For TwinsFest, the first 30 prints will be limited edition prints!  There will only be 30 and they will only be sold at TwinsFest.  They are printed on textured museum-grade paper, hand numbered, hand signed and embossed with my limited edition stamp.  The limited edition prints are $30 each (same price as the open edition posters).  These will most likely run out by Friday, so come early and get them while they last.  (No worries, I’ll have plenty of regular edition posters).

We are still pending approvals on the rest of the ten mascots I’ve designed and when I’m back from Minnesota the art posters and art prints will be ready for sale on my website.  And I’ll be busy!  There are 54 official mascots in the MLB!  And not to mention the requests for other sports and other leagues!

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Minimalist TC Bear art print by S. Preston

Minimalist MLB Mascots – Series 1

Minimalist MLB Mascots – Series 1

Who loves sports mascots?  Me! Me! So no surprise, I’ve created minimalist artwork of some of the popular team mascots around the Major Leagues.  So for the first series, I’m launching my first ten illustrations, and I hope to complete all 54 soon.  Details about purchasing these prints are at the bottom of the page.

This artwork has not been licensed by the MLB and is temporarily not for sale. Though I’m an MLB licensed artist all my artwork must go through an approval process.  If you wish to be notified when these are available for sale please contact me and I’ll let you know the details.

Cyber Monday Bonus!  Free Art!

Cyber Monday Bonus! Free Art!

So on top of the cool awesome savings I ran all weekend, I’m adding this little bonus!

Every order on November 30th will receive a free original 5×7 illustration.  you will receive:

  • handsketched team logo
  • ballpark princess sketch
  • hand sketched team stadium

If you have a request, please leave the details in the checkout notes.  Or else, I will select the drawing and team which i think you will most appreciate for you.

(only one per customer)

All codes are still active through to midnight.







This year, I’m having my biggest black friday sale ever!  Since this is the my first black friday sale every, my claims are not outrageous at all!  Keep in mind that “art should never be on sale” but that doesn’t mean that everything on my website is art! Starting on Friday November 27th, several of my non-art products will be up ot 50% off.  The sale will end at midnight on Monday November 30th.  The items that will be on sale are…




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Prier Pour Paris

Prier Pour Paris

I drew this illustration because my heart breaks for the people in Paris. I know the events of today are difficult to grasp. Remember that this world is still full of love and don’t let horrible overcome you.

I also recorded the video with music from Les Miserable which seems to be fitting.


The Iron Man Art Print

The Iron Man Art Print

I’m not gonna tell you what this is.  If you’re a serious baseball fan, you’ll get it.

(Hints are at the bottom)




  • Black, orange and white are the team colors
  • The date at the bottom is May 30, 1982 to September 20, 1998
  • The title of this post is the nickname of the player it represents.
  • It’s a baseball career record.