Minimalist Art Display at Target Field

One of the most monumental moment in my (short) art career is my display in Target Field, in Minneapolis.  You see, a couple months back, I got a phone call from the stadium interior design reps and asked me if I wouldn’t mind if they displayed my minimalist ballpark series in their stadium.  Umm, yes!!!  Fast forward to opening day, and my many twitter fans in Minnesota started tweeting me photos and congratulations for the unveiling of the display.  As any Lego character will say, “Everything is Awesome”.

A couple weeks ago, I was able to travel to Minneapolis with my business partner, and we were finally able to see the display with my own eyes.  Quirky fact, it was my officially the furthest east I’ve ever traveled in America.  I was not only excited to see the display, and see the Dodgers in an interleague game, but I was finally able to visit my fifth ballpark!  And really, what are the odds that it would snow so hard they would cancel the game … May right?  Apparently the odds were 100%.  And for this Canadian, I obviously have lived in California for a little too long, because 40 degrees with sleet blowing sideways was “uncomfortable”.  Mostly ‘uncomfortable’ cause I packed flip flops and shorts.  I will say, I did pack a hoodie, which means I still suffered greatly.

I have to thank Phil Miller from the Minneapolis Star Tribune who wrote an article about my artwork last year, and he was able to sneak us into Target Field and see the display.  Clearly Target Field has an appreciation for artwork, cause there’s a lot of great art!  My display is located in the right field, outside the Metropolitan Club entrance.  This section is dedicated to ballparks, where the adjacent hallway has photographs of all 30 parks.  It was an epic experience to see my art on a wall with my name, and it makes me glad that millions of baseball fans will get to see it every year.

A special thank you to @Ben_c_Krause for taking the time to take photographs for us.

Olympic Hockey in Pixel Glory!

I’m so hyped for tonight’s game I had to create this little meme to commemorate the event.  I’m such a massive hockey fan, and even massive-er-est-ous Olympics fan.  And being a patriotic Canadian, this game hits all my buttons.  Some days I wish I just bought a ticket to Sochi, and watched the gold medal game in person.

So hope you enjoy the Canada Sweden Gold Medal hockey finals, and who ever wins, I hope it’s a great game!