The Classic Stories of Notable No-Hitters – The 4th One Will Make You Laugh

The Classic Stories of Notable No-Hitters – The 4th One Will Make You Laugh

I love the no-hitters!  They’re one of my favorite things in baseball.  Every time the first hit is given up by any team, I always think, “well there goes his no-no”.  Since experiencing a no-hitter is like a story that unfolds through nine-innings, I decided to recreate some of the most notable ballgames as a classic book series.  I used the template from Penguin Classic books, and designed the covers of each no-no written as authored by the ballplayer themselves.  Can you recognize all of these?

Seven Times A Charm Nolan by Ryan No Hitter


My First Day At Work by Bob Feller No Hitter


 Doctober by Roy Halladay No Hitter

DOCTOBER by Roy Halladay

 PIDS: Performance Inhibiting Drugs by Dock Ellis No Hitter


Perfect Playoff Performance by Don Larsen - No Hitter


Back To Back by Johnny Vander Meer - No Hitter

BACK TO BACK by Johnny Vandermeer

 No-Hitter by Hideo Nomo - No Hitter

{NO HITTER} by Hideo Nomo

Hits Are Overrated by Pete Rose - No Hitter


Perfect Through One by Roy Oswalt - No Hitter


Unsung Hero by Jason Varitek - No Hitter

UNSUNG HERO by Jason Varitek

Against All Odds by Jim Abbott - No Hitter


The Long Wait Is Over by Johan Santana - No Hitter

THE LONG WAIT IS OVER by Johan Santana

New Design – Minimalist Minute Maid Park

New Design – Minimalist Minute Maid Park

The Houston Astros have a new minimalist design for their ballpark!  We all know that next year, that Tal’s Hill in center field will be removed, so it’s about time I created a second piece for the Astros faithful.  It’s of course, the Minute Maid Train that crawls along the tracks above the left field wall.  Rather then googling pictures of the train, I decided to let Nelson Cruz use his bat to show you where the train is!

Vote For The Next Modify Watch

Vote For The Next Modify Watch

The next set of minimalist ballpark watches is due to launch and we need your help choosing which designs to release!  Vote now and choose which ballpark will be produce in the next release batch.  Choose one or all of them, but we will only pick four.

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***Not included here is Citi Field, Safeco Park, US Cellular, Marlins Park and  Ask me later why…

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Minimalist Angel Stadium
Minimalist Chase Field
Minimalist Camden Yards
Minimalist Turner Field
Minimalist Chase Field
Minimalist Minute Maid Park
Minimalist Coors Field
Minimalist Yankee Stadium
Minimalist Comerica Park
Minimalist Miller Park
Minimalist Dodger Stadium
Minimalist Tropicana Field
Minimalist Kauffman Stadium
Minimalist Citizens Bank Park
Minimalist PNC Park
Minimalist Petco Park
Minimalist Rogers Centre
Minimalist Globe Life Park
Minimalist Nationals Park
Minimalist Busch Stadium
Minimalist AT&T Park

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Minimalist Rogers Centre 2.0

Minimalist Rogers Centre 2.0

Right from the beginning, I knew that if I wanted to create sports art, I would need to get myself up to speed on intellectual property and trademark infringement.  I’ve always taken a ‘strategically naive” approach and fearlessly created my designs.  I’ve always tried to approach the leagues and teams in a professional, objective manner and, I’ve been able to navigate through these muddy waters relatively successfully.

That brings me to the Toronto Blue Jays and the Rogers Centre.  Outside of legal marks of MLB and the individual teams, some of my artwork requires securing usage rights with third-party trademarks.  The most obvious culprits being my designs of AT&T Park and Turner Field which incorporate the Coke bottle and the Chick-Fil-A cow (though there’s the ‘art of art’ issue which I won’t get into here).  Although most public buildings in America are free for public use, in Canada it’s a different story.  I quickly learned that the CN Tower is owned by the CLC (Canadian Lands Company) and that their trademark extends to the likeness and any graphical representation of the building.  Bummer right?  Thought the Blue Jays love the design (as well as most Blue Jays fans), my original design could not be approved for sale so long as the CN Tower was the focus of the design.  Seems strange to me that the #1 most recognizable landmark in Toronto is the tower, and there are millions of postcards, art books, and designs that depict the CN Tower.  Right?

Sometimes, you have to pick your battles, and this one was not worth the battle.

It took several months, but I’ve finally found a design that I’m happy with, the Blue Jays are happy with and the CLC are happy with!  #FistPump  Looking back now, many of my designs are centered and vertical, and the old design is on an angle, so it makes my OCD mind happy that this design is squared up and symmetrical.  Not to overlook that the 2.0 version is more minimalist which is a bonus.

P.S. Anyone that has the older CN Tower design, hang on to it because it just became a collector’s piece!

Cartoon Fitness Models

If you follow my instagram account, you’ll see that I like to draw disney style pinup art.  So when a fitness coach asked me to draw cartoon versions of her clients I jumped at the chance.  She never ended up using them, but I had a ton of fun doing it and it was my first illustration contract!