Its here, and it’s spectacular!  Opening Day for the baseball season is one of the most magical days.  For me it has a lot to do with the withdrawal but also has to do with the hope of making a magical playoff run, or having my team be better than expected.

Once again, I will be having a city by city sale, and this year, there is no restriction.  You can order any product on my website that day for 20% off.  This include posters, prints, watches and everything!.  Each day I will offer a new coupon code for each baseball city or state.  Any artwork I have for that city or state will have the discount, including other sport stadiums.

So without further adooooo! Mark it in your calendars!  Here’s the city sale schedule:

4/4 – Texas – CODE: TEXASPITCH
4/6 – Bay Area – CODE: BAYPITCH
4/7 – Detroit – CODE: TIGERSPITCH
4/8 – Kansas City – CODE: KCPITCH
4/9 – Cleveland – CODE: THELANDPITCH
4/10 – Minnesota – CODE: TWINSPITCH
4/11 – Chicago – CODE: CHITOWNPITCH
4/12 – New York – CODE: NYPITCH
4/13 – Toronto – CODE: TOPITCH
4/14 – Boston – CODE: BOSOXPITCH
4/15 – Florida – CODE: FLORDIAPITCH
4/16 – Baltimore – CODE: BIRDLANDPITCH
4/17 – Denver – CODE: ROCKIESPITCH
4/18 – San Diego – CODE: PADRESPITCH
4/19 – Phoenix – CODE: DBACKSPITCH
4/20 – Milwaukee/Wis – CODE: BREWCREWPITCH
4/21 – St. Louis – CODE: CARDSPITCH
4/22 – Cincinnati – CODE: REDSPITCH
4/23 – Pittsburgh – CODE: BUCSPITCH
4/24 – Atlanta/Ga – CODE: BRAVESPITCH
4/25 – Washington,DC – CODE: DCPITCH
4/26 – Philadelphia – CODE: PHILLYPITCH

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For me, email is definitely not dead.

I love the way social media lets me connect with different people from all over the world, everyday. But as fun and connective as social media is, I’ve used email to connect and have conversations with collectors in a much more meaningful way, one-on-one. Sometimes it’s through my website and sometimes it’s just a reply to my newsletter, but I have great conversations with fellow sports fans through email, and I’ve realized how important it is to my business.

I wanted to acknowledge the many people who helped to make my business possible: the email subscribers who are among the most enthusiastic sports fans and frequent collectors of my art. To thank them, and to welcome new subscribers into the fold, I decided to release some of my artwork for free as mobile wallpaper. I created smartphone and Apple Watch background versions of my popular Minimalist Baseball Stadiums series, and you can have them free when you subscribe to my newsletter. Actually I call it my VIP list, because as a subscriber you get access to offers and new art that the public never hears about, and because I’ve realized how important my subscribers are.

To get your free mobile wallpaper art, subscribe and you’ll receive a link to the members only download page. Then watch your inbox for promotions, new art announcements, limited edition releases, and even giveaways. I’ve been known to give away drawings from my Ballpark Princesses series, and even tickets to join me to watch a ballgame or hockey game.

And if you want to get in touch with me, just reply to any of my newsletters. I try to reply to everyone as soon as I can.

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PS If you haven’t already, I would love it if you’d follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, too. I share my newest sketches, works in progress, fan pics, Ballpark Princesses, and pictures from the games I attend as a fan.

Opening Day Sales Event

Opening Day Sales Event

WELCOME TO OPENING DAY 2016! I know you are all excited that the long winter is over and we’re back to baseball games that matter.  To celebrate the joy of baseball I’m running a marathon sales event! Since there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball, I decided take the next 30 days and dedicate one sale to each team.  On that day, all art posters I’ve ever created for that team or city will be on sale for 20% off for 24 hours. Yes, that includes all ballparks, mascots, and college and pro football stadiums. If there’s a design or artwork not on my website, you can request it from me on that day and I’ll do my best to accommodate. In some cases, I will make all the artwork in the state for sale (eg: Lambeau Field, Miller Park and Camp Randall in Wisconsin).  I’ll be starting from the NL East and working my way west, then to the AL East and the same.  So here’s the dates!

4/6 – Atlanta – CODE: GOBRAVESGO
4/7 – New York Mets – CODE: GOMETSGO
4/8 – Washington DC – CODE: GONATSGO
4/9 – Philadelphia – CODE: GOPHILLIESGO
4/10 – Pittsburgh – CODE: GOBUCSGO
4/11 – Chicago Cubs – CODE: GOCUBSGO
4/12 – Milwaukee/Wisconsin – CODE: GOBREWERSGO
4/13 – St. Louis – CODE: GOCARDSGO
4/14 – Cincinnati – CODE: GOREDSGO
4/15 – Los Angeles – CODE: GODODGERSGO
4/16 – Denver/Colorado – CODE: GOROCKIESGO
4/17 – Phoenix/Arizona – CODE: GODBACKSGO
4/19 – San Diego – CODE: GOPADRESGO
4/20 – San Francisco – CODE: GOGIANTSGO
4/21 – Toronto – CODE: GOJAYSGO
4/22 – New York Yankees – CODE: GOYANKSGO
4/23 – Boston – CODE: GOREDSOXGO
4/24 – Tampa Bay – CODE: GORAYSGO
4/25 – Baltimore – CODE: GOORIOLESGO
4/26 – ChiSox – CODE: GOCHISOXGO
4/27 – Kansas City – CODE: GOROYALSGO
4/28 – Detroit – CODE: GOTIGERSGO
4/29 – Minnesota – CODE: GOTWINSGO
4/30 – Cleveland – CODE: GOTRIBEGO
5/1 – Los Angeles – GOANGELSGO
5/2 – Houston – GOASTROSGO
5/3 – Dallas – GORANGERSGO
5/4 – Seattle – GOMARINERSGO
5/5 – Oakland – GOASGO

(Art posters only)

So save the date, and have an amazing 2016 baseball season!

Cyber Monday Bonus!  Free Art!

Cyber Monday Bonus! Free Art!

So on top of the cool awesome savings I ran all weekend, I’m adding this little bonus!

Every order on November 30th will receive a free original 5×7 illustration.  you will receive:

  • handsketched team logo
  • ballpark princess sketch
  • hand sketched team stadium

If you have a request, please leave the details in the checkout notes.  Or else, I will select the drawing and team which i think you will most appreciate for you.

(only one per customer)

All codes are still active through to midnight.







This year, I’m having my biggest black friday sale ever!  Since this is the my first black friday sale every, my claims are not outrageous at all!  Keep in mind that “art should never be on sale” but that doesn’t mean that everything on my website is art! Starting on Friday November 27th, several of my non-art products will be up ot 50% off.  The sale will end at midnight on Monday November 30th.  The items that will be on sale are…




Happy shopping!